Tuesday, November 07, 2000

Great news!!

We are continuing to develop the Bicycle the Americas production site at www.bicycletheamericas.com

BLOGER is our lastest find. This web site and this page was created in under 5 minutes by someone with no previous web page editing experience. It looks like a GREAT tool that will make it easy for our contributors to set up and maintain their own web pages at Bicycle the Americas.

I even figured out how to link it to a free photo site Just Click Here to view a few of our pictures from Alaska

We are testing all of BLOGGER.com now and hope to incorporate in the production site it soon. In the meantime why not pay us a visit at www.bicycletheamericas.com

Take a look at what we offer to the long distance self contained touring cyclist.

Send us an email while you are there and tell us what you think of it.

Gil Blair
Bicycle the Americas